Basic vehicle information and recall warnings

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ThatCar™ Report

Comprehensive NZ vehicle report trusted by consumers and professionals

Important facts

Our system gets the latest available official information, runs checks and indicates detected problems or potential issues in a way that is easy to understand.

Take a moment to have a look at our sample vehicle report which shows the general structure of a full report and demonstrates how it may help you to discover the issues.

Money owing check

If there is a registered security interest, the vehicle may be repossessed by the secured party to pay off the debt of the previous owner. It’s important to check for outstanding debts before you buy.

To find money owing on the vehicle, we automatically check for debts registered against the current registration plate number, past plate numbers (where applicable), the VIN and/or the chassis number.

Stolen status check

We obtain the latest reported stolen status of the vehicle from the official NZ Motor Vehicle Register, where it's updated by the Police directly.

This data source may in many cases be more up-to-date than the Police website which is known to be updated with delays.

Ownership history

How many registered owners? When did each change happen? Are they selling the vehicle suspiciously soon? Names and addresses of non-individual owners (companies and organisations).

Is something wrong with the records? Should you ask the seller to sort out their documentation before you buy?

Vehicle fitness records

Imported damaged? Water/fire damage? Written off? Is the Warrant of Fitness/Certificate of Fitness genuine and current?

Importation details

Was the vehicle imported as brand new (“NZ new”) or used? Where has it been previously registered? Estimated date of importation.

Registration details

Is the vehicle currently registered to be allowed on the road? When was it registered in New Zealand? Has the registration been cancelled? Has it been re-registered after registration cancellation?

Licence details (rego)

Is the vehicle licensed for normal road use? Is the licence (rego) genuine and current? Is the vehicle subject to RUC (Road User Charges)?

Vehicle usage types history

Has the vehicle been officially used as a taxi, rental, to transport goods or for agricultural operations in the past?

Road User Charges (if applicable)

RUC licence details. Is the licence genuine and current? Hubodometer details for vehicles having a hubodometer.

Registration plates history

History of plate numbers that have been attached to the vehicle in New Zealand. This information is also used as part of the money owing check.

Odometer history

Odometer readings recorded at the border check and WOF/COF inspections. Is odometer officially known to be unreliable? Are the readings consistent?

For businesses

If you are interested in getting multiple reports per month on an ongoing basis, need API access or have other needs for your business, please feel free to contact us for our business offers.