Vehicle ownership check

Plate or VIN of the vehicle

Please note: the vehicle must be in New Zealand; the registration of the vehicle must be active and complete.

If you haven’t checked the vehicle history & debt yet, you can do so by entering the plate or VIN in the top menu.

Registered person

Important: “Registered person” is the person or legal entity that is entitled to possession of the vehicle. It’s a good indicator of ownership, but in some cases the actual legal owner may be a different person or company (for example, when the vehicle is leased).

To confirm the registered person, please enter one of the following:

Please note: the entered details must exactly match the NZTA record. For example, “Rob” won’t match “Robert”, and “Ltd” won’t match “Limited”.


This check is performed using the register of New Zealand Transport Agency. While That Car Limited has taken all reasonable care in performing the check, we are unable guarantee the accuracy of the data and cannot be liable for any errors.