Is the report available immediately?

Yes, the report will be prepared straight away after the payment. Usually it’s ready to be displayed on your screen in less than 30 seconds. The system will also send you an email with the link to the report so that you keep access to it.

Does the report show the names and addresses of registered owners?

Names and addresses of individual registered persons will not be displayed in the report due to the NZ privacy law regulations. You can use our ownership check service to confirm the current registered person if you know their legal name or driver’s licence number. Names and addresses of companies and organisations are provided in the report as recorded by the NZTA.

I need to find the owner of the vehicle involved in an accident. How can I do it?

The best thing to do in this case is to report it to the police. Personal details of individual registered persons are not available to the general public due to the NZ privacy law regulations.

I need a document stating that I’m the owner of my vehicle. Can you help?

A vehicle sales agreement and purchase receipt are generally considered to be evidence of legal ownership in New Zealand. We don’t issue any proof of ownerhsip documents.

The seller has told me that the debt has been paid off, but the report says otherwise. What do I do?

If there is indeed no outstanding debt, the seller should contact their finance company and tell them to release the security interest. It’s the responsibility of the finance company to do so. Once it has been done, you can do a full recheck using the link in your report. It’s best not to rely on the seller’s words alone.

Does the report show the total amount of money owed?

The amount of money owed is confidential information, so it’s not available in the report. Our sample report shows how the Money Owing section generally looks like.

One of the odometer readings is incorrect. How can it be fixed?

The odometer readings do get mistyped by WOF agents quite often, but in most cases these errors are obvious and not alarming to potential buyers.

If you’d like to correct the wrong reading anyway, you’ll need to contact the WOF agent that issued the WOF on the date the wrong reading was entered. Their details can be found on the WOF checksheet.

If the above can’t be done, you can contact the NZTA directly and discuss your situation with them.

Once the reading has been corrected on the register, new reports purchased afterwards will show the updated information.

How can I find out which vehicles are registered in my name?

If you have a specific list of vehicles you’d like to check, you can use our ownership check service.

If you suspect there may be a vehicle unknown to you but registered under your name, you'll need to contact the NZTA directly.

Can I find a vehicle using a partial plate number or VIN?

A full plate number or VIN is required to look up a vehicle.